June 16, 2021.

What’s Junks?

Born and raised from Bandung’s Parklife in late 2017, Junks Radio’s presence as an alternative local streaming radio in town. This project is collectively initiated by a group of freelancers that love trash joking, doing design, and putting their interest in music scenes.

The vision was to build a medium for everyone to do or express whatever they want, to showcase their works, to be their very own self without judges, and to play pieces of music that rarely played on the fm/am radio.

This time, Junks Radio is one of local streaming radio that not only gives you side stream music references but also as the source of information for you to dig down on your local scene more.

Good tunes and poetries, talk shows and live sessions, joking and contemplating, you name it. Because what they throw away, we keep it.

Program Siaran

Kenalan Sama Junkie

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